Nice Bass

Nice Bass
Here is one around 8+lbs

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 2, 2012

This is about all I have been catching lately..this plus 2 pickerel 1 @ 4lbs. These were caught on a shallow running crank bait in 2 feet of water. Water temps at start were 38 deg. and 42 at end of the day. The lake is still very weeds and has not died off as in normal years making most of the lake unfishable. Looks like this date on the pic. may be the last trip of the season.. stay tuned

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maine Bass Fishing 6/19-6/27-2009

The June trip was met with a hugh rainstorm that took the lake up to some of its highest levels ever. I could not tie up the boat until mid week.

The dock was put out just before we got there and not chained to the shore and you see the results of that. When we got there, the lake was rising about 3" in less than an hour. That bench sits a couple feet in front of the lake edge.

The flow of water was so strong coming in, that parts of the shoreline were floating the opposite direction of the normal current. I was actually fishing up on home flower beds and in trees normally way up on the shore.

There are 2 bridges on the lake that take you to other parts of the lake..upper Pleasant, and the Cobbossee stream. Both had water to almost road levels which limited fishable areas.

I did manage to pull in 120 bass for the trip though, and it was not until the last day where I got 29 where things started to get good.. I had 2 doubles and 3 triples that day, largest was 2 @ 4.5lbs and several 3 and over.

For 3 days the wind blew like crazy to where the lake was just a foamy mess with dock barrels, pieces of docks, and parts of woodpiles floating around. The lake was just a brown ugly mess for most of the week until the last 2 days.

Maine Bass Fishing - August 2009

Here are some of the highlights from last August's vacation to Pleasant Pond, Richmond Maine. Caught 164 bass while there, 3 over 5lbs 1 over 7 and 1 over 8lbs. On the 20th I had a 5 bass limit of over 27lbs and caught 31 largemouth. On the 21st I caught 38 largemouth...a couple amazing days.

Maine Lighthouses and Scenery

Here are some of my favorite lighthouse scenes from when I traveled to Maine over the years..

Four Seasons View around Lake Musconetcong

Here are some of my favorite scenic shots from Lake Musconetcong over different seasons...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lake Musconetcong Bass Fishing - November

This month, I was able to get out on the lake Nov. 16,20,21,22,25,26,and the 29th

I fished in a lot of wind, rain, and dense fog... Temperatures ranging fron 45-57. I had a slow start as the lake was still rising on the 18th, so I waited a couple days until the lake came up full.

My totals for the month were 56 bass, 8 perch, and 158 pickeral. The bass were from small ones only 11" up to 20.5" and 5lbs. Had a few around 3 and lots of 2 pounders.

The pickeral ran from 13" up to 27" and 5lbs. I had at least 40 that were near 4 lbs and a ton from 3-4lbs. Even the perch were large running around 12".

Even though I only caught 56 bass, I had to fight to get them with the pickeral beating the bass to the lures. But still to have your rod bent over for hours straight at a a time is still fun. I had at least 1 triple a day and 3 of the days had 3 doubles.

It's almost time to hang it up for the season. As long as it's not down in the 30's I will still try to get out. Just don't want to be cleaning out and winterizing the boat in the snow and ice.

Check out the slide shows on the association site...